Signature Soaps

Our signature hand crafted bathing bars use all natural ingredients to cleanse not only your skin but these will cleanse your soul! Available in:

▪︎Blood Orange Bergamot ▪Black Tea Tree

▪︎Citrus Lavender ▪︎Forest Tonic ▪︎Citrus & 

▪︎ Patchouli ▪︎Peppermint ▪︎Pink Grapefruit 

▪︎Prairie Sage ▪︎Shea Honey& Oatmeal

▪︎Thyme Garden ▪︎Unscented/Sensitive   

▪︎Oatmeal Spice▪︎Lemon Teagrass ▪︎Lavender 

$5.00 Bar

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